Campaign details

Brand: Neutrogena
Brand owner: J&J
Agency: UM Bogotá
Country: Colombia
Industries: Skin care, sun protection
Media channels: Online video, Social media, Word of mouth, influencers
Budget: Up to 500k

Executive summary

We approached this project with a clear vision: to start conversations about the benefits of the brand and to arouse interest in products through word of mouth and peer recommendations. To accomplish this, we focused the campaign on the platform that contributed the greatest ROI to Neutrogena's Hydro-Boost line. In this case, social media, which has a ROI 149% higher than other media, such as TV.

Market background and context

We needed to establish ourselves in a premium segment and compete against a market leader who had expanded into and capitalised on the facial care territory in Colombia. This market leader competes aggressively with an investment of more than US$2m, in a combination of traditional and digital media. With a budget of only US$215k – a reduction of 40%, compared with this brand's previous campaigns – our own campaign required an objective and nuanced approach.

Communications objectives

  • Increase market share for Neutrogena's Hydro-boost facial moisturising line by 10%.