Campaign details

Brand: McDonald's
Brand owner: McDonald's
Lead agency: OMD Taiwan
Country: Taiwan
Industries: Restaurants & takeaways
Media channels: Online video, Word of mouth, advocacy
Budget: Up to 500k

Executive summary

In autumn 2017, McDonald's launched a new limited edition shrimp burger for only one month. However, its main competitors had dominated shrimp burger products for a long time and were more entrenched. Thus, the challenge would be to boost product awareness, stimulate curiosity and pique desire to taste it within the short promotional period.

The target audience were millennials in Taiwan. Most of them are netizens, like to create their own text speak to communicate, and to voice out their observations and opinions about social issues.

Following the finding of key insights into the target audience, this campaign played on homonyms of the word 'shia' in Mandarin, which can mean 'shrimp' and 'blind'. 'Shia' can also mean 'silly', 'crazy' or 'lousy' in young people's daily lexicon. The campaign enlisted iconic 'shia' influencers to present a video with the most 'shia' storyline, song, visuals and silly question, which were all linked by the concept of 'shia' homonyms.