McDonald's: Reasons for Lovin It

Carl Bou Abdallah

Campaign Details

Brand: McDonald's
Brand Owner: McDonald's
Lead Agency: Fp7 Bey
Contributing agencies:
Country: Jordan
Industry: Food industry (general)
Channels used: Outdoor, out-of-home, social media
Budget: Up to 500k

Executive Summary

McDonald's, the world's most famous fast food chain, was big in Jordan. They didn't quite know how big they were before they led their latest brand campaign based on the fact that Jordanians loved McDonald's. They wanted to remind people of McDonald's existence. A simple brief that could have been answered through a mass targeted TV campaign that would increase brand name recall instantly. The glitch? No budget. That is how the strategy was born: why the need of an oversized budget when McDonald's had the love and support of thousands of Facebook Jordanian fans? They just needed to tap onto that love in a smart way and let their fans propagate the loving, young and dynamic spirit of McDonald's. Through a very smart and cost efficient partnership they managed to turn people's love into actual songs that propagated even more online and offline and saw a huge impact on the stores' overall guest counts through this minimal activity that was done around the essence of what McDonald's still stood for in Jordan.

Market Background And Context