Taiwan is an over-saturated and highly oligopoly market, before 4G mobile launched in 2014, there were already 5 mobile carriers in Taiwan (CHT, TWM, FET, GT &Vibo). The mobile penetration in Taiwan was over 120%, and the Big 3s overtook 87% of the market share. T Star entered 4G mobile market in 2014, with disruptive pricing and 360 digitalization strategies; we soon became a blockbuster, and reached 1M subscribers in 2015/05 and later marked the 2M subscribers in 2018/02.

In 2014, knowing that we were the smallest mobile carrier with the least store outlets and customer service representatives, we profoundly knew that we needed to leverage digital technology to break through the operating challenges as well as to reduce the expense. As our base soared, the demand for services also escalated, the needs for better service solution and fast deployment had becoming more and more crucial.

We started to set-up a 360∘ eService & eSales platform to enable 24/7 self-service online as well as to synchronize user experience across the board. In 2014/11, T Star official site and APP was online in service. With big data technology and single customer view member center, our subscribers are able to check their voice and data concurrent usage and detailed calling logs, retrieve bill statements, bill payment, etc., via eService center anywhere anytime. T Star APP equipped with full eSales and eService functions has awarded the best in customer satisfaction among our competition, and out ranked the rest in many APP contests. In 2015/08, our eStore, a scalable channel where the Big3s were almost absent, was launched. With eDIY disruptive pricing that reverted all extra margins saved back to customers, as well as intuitive user interface, we grabbed a giant share in mobile acquisition.