Campaign Objectives & Challenges

In India, almost 1 in 3 people suffer from a nasal congestion however only 1 in 10 treat it with a specialized treatment like nasal sprays. Research indicates that indifference/inertia are the biggest barrier to trial. The problem of nasal congestion is simply not viewed as something big enough which requires specialized treatment different from Cold and Flu. Often, people use Cold and Flu medicines to relieve nasal congestion symptoms.

As the category leader (22% market share Q2 2018), Otrivin' s objective was to drive usage of nasal sprays and subsequently Otrivin Further, timing was vital since a bout of nasal congestion lasted only for 72 hours.

For Otrivin the brand challenge was clear:

Build Category Relevance by elevating importance of treating a nasal congestion

Specifically, this campaign aimed at targeting the relevant consumer in their moment of truth

Insights, Strategy & Idea