Campaign Objectives & Challenges

Kraft Parmesan, despite being a leader in the powder cheese category in Japan with a widespread awareness and a 30% share thanks to a steady reputation as the partner to spaghetti served at an old-school coffee house in the old days, struggled with flat sales and a competitor chasing them closely1.

While being in a food category, appealing on taste or ways of usage did not resonate with people anymore as people no longer found it relevant in their lives. This is largely due to its strong image associated with a condiment to spaghetti that built a reputation of being old and junky. Even if appealing on taste and usage were a typical communications method for this category, its strong image associated with spaghetti was a challenge.

Therefore it was crucial for Kraft to come up with a way to increase relevance with a new fact that adds value to our target's life, not just to food. So the objective of the campaign was to increase daily usage to expand market share as the leader by increasing relevance with a new benefit.