7-ELEVEN Taiwan has been fundraising for many charity groups for years, however, the donation has not been significantly increased in recent years.

So 7-ELEVEN wants to find an innovative and interesting way to draw peoples’ attention when they walk into the store, also through its great advantage with owning 5000 stores across Taiwan to promote consumer’s intention to donate and get more donation.

So we start thinking, how to create an unique and interesting experience for the CSR program for 7-ELEVEN which owns the most convenience stores in Taiwan to attract people?

We found a strong reason to believe – convenience store is the easiest and common place for loose change to happen. And 7-ELEVEN stands in great advantage with owning the most store locations all over Taiwan.

We would like to utilize this to do our bit for charity group, figuring out a simple way to turn change into donations.

We put a notion forth - “we believe by showing appreciation to those who contribute, encourages more good will.”