Campaign details

Brand: Turtle Wax
Agency: Zeno Group

Executive Summary


Turtle Wax rode the fast lane to success throughout the 20th century but it faced a road block in recent years: the brand had lost relevancy with consumers who viewed it as 'old school', proven by a five-year sales decline.

At the same time, its global brand image was in disarray. International distributors – who felt Turtle Wax lacked a compelling brand story – communicated their own version of Turtle Wax on regional social media channels.

Globally disjointed and lacking drive, Turtle Wax knew it had to reinvigorate its brand and turned to Zeno to develop the road map.


Zeno guided Turtle Wax through a complete brand refresh and then executed an emotionally charged global program based on the human truth that the love of cars is universal.

When Turtle Wax partnered with car enthusiasts in all seven continents this year to show how it fuels this universal love, it was clear they had shaken off the dated perceptions that had weighed on them for years. That - and accelerating sales worldwide – proved that the company's transformation of its brand had crossed the finish line.