Nexxusisa Brand of Firsts

Nexxus was first introduced in 1979 by Jheri Redding, scientist, cosmetologist and creator of the modern day conditioner.

With Jheri at the helm, Nexxus made a name for itself early on as an innovative haircare brand with salon crafted, scientifically proven formulas that eclipsed expectations and delivered extraordinary results.

Most importantly, he pioneered the revolutionary idea of treating hair with protein - because when hair is treated with protein infused formulas, it can recover what has been lost, bringing it back to life.

The practice of treating hair with proteins set Nexxus apart from all others. Nature-inspired ingredients, cutting edge science and salon credentials made Nexxus different, special and desirable overtime.

But fast-forward 40 years to present day, the haircare aisle looks much different. As trendy, new hair brands emerged, they stole our attention -and our fan base.

Nexxus had lost its point of difference and fell off their radar. We had to regain our protein-science proposition and find a way to appeal to consumers once again.