Initial situation

In 1970 more than 100 children were killed in car accidents in Norway. In 2017 only 4 children died. The reasons behind this positive development are: changes is rules and regulations concerning car safety, a wider range of safety equipment such as children car seats available, and general rise in awareness about car safety also for children.

Studies show that for smaller children below the age of 4, securing your child facing the rear reduces the risk for fatal injuries in case of a car crash with 90 percent.

Trygg Trafikk (The Norwegian Council for Road Safety) therefore recommends that all children below the age of 4 are secured in a rear facing car seat. Norway's National Transportation Plan set the goal that 50 percent of all children aged 1 to 3 years should be secured in cars facing the rear. The goal was reached in 2016.

Trygg Trafikk works towards the vision of zero traffic casualties. Trygg Trafikk and their project partner, If insurance, wanted a campaign to increase knowledge and change behaviour among parents to influence them to secure their children facing the rear at least until the age of 4.

Strategic considerations