Campaign details

Brand: The Royal Mint
Agency: Hope&Glory

In Brief

This campaign - the launch of a set of coins bearing the letters of the alphabet - was immensely successful in driving sales and attracting people to coin collecting.

There were 27 pieces of national coverage amongst over 200 pieces of coverage at launch.

The coverage reached over 90% of the UK population (which is as much of the population as can be reached through editorial media).


The Royal Mint is the 1,100 year old producer of coins for Britain and 60 other countries around the world. A core part of its business is the creation of billions of circulating coins that we use everyday.

However, in a world where digital payments are becoming the norm, we needed a campaign that would engage the public with their coins — creating a new generation of collectors.

We wanted to do so in part so that people collected coins from change and recognised the artistry that goes into their making.