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Advertiser: Telefónica Deutschland
Brand: Telefónica Deutschland
Country: Germany

The situation

Digitalisation is changing the world as we knew it. Mankind's newly won capability to harness digital technology and advanced data analytics comes with enormous hopes and fears attached. The world is going through a stormy phase of technological endeavour, and the onus is on every single person, on every single business and on our legislation to give that massive thrust a viable trajectory. The capacity to harvest intelligent knowledge from vast amounts of data is stirring enormous political, economic and social hopes and expectations. At the same time is evoking great uncertainty and fear.

As Germany's largest mobile phone network operator in terms of customer numbers, Telefónica Deutschland recognizes its responsibility for hosting and advancing the public debate about societal and ethical dimensions of the wholesale digitalisation of day-to-day lives. Being a natural aggregator and handler of enormous amounts of customer usage data, and given the sensitivity of data privacy throughout the German public, Telefónica wants to display its independence from pure operational business goals. It wants to involve itself – as an exemplary corporate citizen – as deeply as possible into a broad-based, honest and credible dialogue with society. In that context Telefónica sees itself as empowering force as well as advocate for individual data sovereignty and intense debate and dialogue within society.

The communication challenge