The world we live in today has been engulfed in the frenzy of rapid advancements in digitalization and other advanced technologies like Al. As the space gets crowded with new entrants making the loudest noise, certain promising ventures may go unnoticed.

However, the agency noticed the potential of this Gurgaon-based Al start-up, when Staqu approached the agency to promote its regional pilot program for Al in policing. A little known concept at that time, the agency was tasked to utilize a regional development to set a trend and take the regional development pan-India.

With Public Relations as the only tool for promotions and publicity, Staqu's Al Policing solution has grown in leaps and bounds. The agency has succeeded in not only successfully establishing Al as a Crime Busting Tool but also connecting Staqu with some of the most imminent personalities from the Indian Police Forces. With proactive and relentless brand advocacy, the agency has successfully placed a fast-growing Gurgaon start-up in International Publications, while fanning the trade winds to help the start-up successfully sail through the Indian peninsula and find its next stop in Dubai!