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Agency: Archetype
Brand: SiFive


In the embedded processor industry, ARM architecture is the most dominant platform & has held the pole-position for a long time. In the last few years, RISC-V has emerged as the challenger to this hegemony. Though RISC-V as a competitor offers far more advantages, the platform came into the forefront only in the last couple of years. The educational institutes in India only provide courses on ARM architecture, making knowledge on RISC-V a rarity.

The appetite for RISC-V in India is slowly gaining momentum with the Central Government officially adopting it as the national ISA to enable innovative commercial and military applications. NT Madras also has a robust team for its Shakti Processor Project to power Internet of things (loT) products to high-end servers. The know-how to do these things exists in India however the challenge lies in the awareness among the talent who are mostly working on ARM.