"The unique blend of fashion and technology came together exceptionally. The great work from Atmosphere and the King James Group helped us catapult the conversation about the positive possibilities that digital technology can bring to our clients and stakeholders in Africa in a relatable and highly visual way."

Keshin Govender, Group Communications Head, Siemens Southern and East Africa.


Africa is the fastest growing urbanising continent in the world. By 2030, Johannesburg and Tshwane will become the first megacity in South Africa while the population of Nairobi in Kenya will double. By 2050, more than 1.4 billion Africans will have migrated to a city. Smart digital solutions are required for our fast growing African cities.

Our client, Siemens - a global technology powerhouse – wants to spark and lead the conversation that data, combined with smart technology, will ensure that tomorrow's cities are more connected, efficient and powered. These smart solutions will enable African countries to leapfrog into the future.