Campaign details

Advertiser: Sherwin-Williams
Brand: Sherwin-Williams
Agency: Carmichael Lynch Relate
Country: United States

Situation analysis

The headlines were everywhere in the past year – a New York Giants player contracted MRSA and risked a foot amputation, Chipotle had an E.coli outbreak that sickened 60 people across the U.S. and a University of Louisiana student lost her arms and legs to a Staph infection. When it comes to preventative measures, how many people think about paint as a tool in the fight against disease-causing bacteria?

For most people, the expectation of paint is that it be beautiful and durable. But Sherwin-Williams believes in searching for powerful ways for paint to deliver beyond what's expected.

As it prepared to celebrate 150 years of innovation in 2016, Sherwin-Williams challenged Carmichael Lynch Relate to launch its most groundbreaking technology yet. A technology that took years to create — paint with the power to kill bacteria.