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Agency: Adfactors PR
Brand: Confederation of ATM Industry (CATMi)


In India, ATM service providers - represented by the Confederation of ATM Industry (CATMi), a non-profit organisation - are responsible for providing end-to-end services including cash transit, cash replenishment in ATMs, along with software and hardware updates. All CATMi members have either a fixed cost or a variable cost-related service contracts with banks to ensure that the ATMs are operational 24X7. It was business as usual for CATMi members prior to November 2016. This scenario changed in the immediate aftermath of the Indian government demonetising all 500 and 1000 banknotes in November 2016. This is when CATMi members started bleeding because of cash unavailability.

Thereafter, even though normalcy was slowly restored across the country, these service providers continued to suffer because banks were adamant to share the rising costs. New regulatory guidelines in 2018 for ATM hardware and software upgrades along with fresh mandates on cash management meant that servicing ATMs became an unviable business for CATMi members. It must be noted here that CATMi never anticipated these new requirements at the time of signing contracts with banks as many of these were inked four to five years ago.