Campaign details

Agency: AvianWE
Brand: Royal Enfield Gear Business

The revving sound of engines, the long winding roads and the whole world to explore! Biking is a passion and biking is a way of life! Royal Enfield is synonymous with motorcycles and has its own set of fanatic biking enthusiasts. However, when it comes to their apparel and gear business, it was an untold story. Royal Enfield entered the apparel market to marry fashion with functionality and safety that amalgamated protection with contemporary needs of consumers. Royal Enfield was keen to build visibility for the apparel and gear portfolio and showcase their products as stylish and comfortable while being rigorous with safety standards. They wanted to highlight that there is more to motorcycles than meets the eye.


  • Royal Enfield had brand resonation only for its motorcycles segment and no/low awareness for the apparel and gear business.
  • There was not much awareness around Royal Enfield's gear business amongst consumers including media and influencers who were not aware of its differentiators.
  • The apparel segment of the motorcycle business has a lot of players and Royal Enfield did not come across as an established competition.
  • A large percentage of India's audience did not think of safety gear as important during rides.

Research and insights

  • Riding safe is not 'cool' – Over 50% of the Indian population, does not consider safety as an imperative.
  • Fashion played an important part for biking enthusiasts. Style was as important as the ride.
  • With an increase in road accidents, protective gear was becoming increasingly necessary.


  • Build visibility for Royal Enfield's apparel and gear portfolio amongst consumers, media and influencers.
  • Advocate the need for safety and protection for bikers. You can be safe and stylish at the same time.


We devised a simple yet compelling campaign for the Royal Enfield Gear. Leveraging the brand's superior image and building the aspect of safety and protection into it, we subtly brought out the style quotient. The idea was: Biking + safety + protection + style = Royal Enfield.