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SA's hip hop landscape

Hip-hop music has undergone significant CHANGE since it first emerged in the United States in the early 80s. Once seen as the voice of America's disenfranchised urban youth, the genre has risen to become the most listened-to music genre in the world.

Today, hip-hop influences every aspect of popular culture from movies and television, to fashion and even the very language we speak.

South Africa has been no exception in the adoption of hip hop culture. Once considered the music of South Africa's privileged Model C Kids, hip-hop now dominates national airwaves across the country and has come to be that sound that defines a generation.

The challenge

Female underrepresentation

Despite all the progress made and the strides taken by the genre, one thing that has remained constant in the culture of hip-hop is promotion of the subjugation over-sexualization and defamation of women.