Campaign details

Brand: RFSU (the Swedish Association for Sexuality Education)
Agency: House of Radon

Swedish Association for Sexuality Education

  • RFSU (the Swedish Association for Sexuality Education), founded by human rights activist Elise Ottesen-Jensen, has been fighting for body rights since 1933.
  • RFSU sells condoms with all profits directly funding research and sexual education all around the world.

Our Task

  • Create real behavioral change among young Scandinavians, age 18-25.
  • Change their perception of the condom from an obstacle into an enabler of great sex.
  • Provide a concept that works throughout the whole value chain - from a broad earned conversation down to tactical in-store ads.

The Main Insight

  • We found the condom gap - a glitch between the 80% that wants to use a condom and the 50% that actually makes it happen.
  • Sexual education focuses a lot on changing attitudes, but this gap shows that it's the actual behavior that needs to change - a shift that broth us in to a very different territory.
  • Studies told us that encouraging communication calls for behavioral change, whereas negatively pointers does not.
  • In popular culture condoms are perceived as a joke, in porn its non-existent, and in school just dry. We had to make the condom sexy.