Oven bags, you may not be surprised to learn, aren't top of mind with Millennials.

Despite shorter cook times and easier cleanups, young home cooks don't often consider oven bags. And when they do, these thoughts are often accompanied by two misperceptions: The bags are made of plastic and will prevent the skin on a turkey from crisping.

As Thanksgiving approached, Reynolds was determined to change that.

Make oven bags cool. Easy brief, right?

Oven bags may not be cool, but they are a foolproof way to make a perfect turkey. And it's very easy to use them to add all sorts of coatings and seasonings.

So we decided to take advantage of that by creating a turkey with a flavor that was trending wildly with our Millennial targets: Flamin' Hot Cheetos.

(Or, as we called them, "hot puffed cheese sticks.") These stomach-searing snacks are an internet sensation, having already been featured in viral recipes for bagels, pizzas and other items. So we used them to create a recipe for a "Flavor Blasted Turkey" that took the Internet by storm.