Situation Analysis

Babies, like kittens and puppies, are superstar buzz builders. To the contrary, the journey to motherhood is the opposite – seen as personal, sensitive, taboo or superstitious to discuss. Ovulation and fertility products tend to be associated with the struggle of trying to get pregnant – instead of just part of the planning process – often obscuring the journey and carrying an undue stigma. Most people only want to talk about the end goal of a positive pregnancy test or holding a newborn baby.

Even so, times are changing. Women are waiting longer to try to get pregnant. People demand instant gratification and results. Technology has become part of everyday life and there's an app for literally everything. Enter P&G's Clearblue's latest innovation: The Clearblue Connected Ovulation Test System (Clearblue Connected). It is the first and only system to track two unique hormones with connectivity to a smartphone. This makes the process intuitive, modern, and most importantly, enables women to get pregnant faster.