Situation Analysis

As part of its 35+ year commitment to supporting girls during puberty and beyond, Always' well-known #LikeAGirl initiative found that more than half of girls experience a drop in confidence during puberty, and many never fully recover. After additional research revealing that a shocking number of girls across global regions have either left school early or missed school entirely because they did not have access to period products, and that many people were not aware this was happening in their own backyards, Always decided to tackle this problem, creating a #EndPeriodPoverty campaign aimed to help girls in need stay in school and do amazing things.

Always first addressed period poverty in the United Kingdom (UK), but quickly carried the cause to the U.S. and Canada, understanding how seriously period poverty is affecting our girls here at home.

P&G tapped MSL to help launch the campaign in North America and spread awareness and make an impact. Our mandate was to move forward with one hashtag, #EndPeriodPoverty, and share a cohesive story that aimed to raise awareness and drive impact with localized product donation to girls who need it most. The timing of this campaign ran concurrently with back-to-school, an important phase of every young girl's year. It would be a six-week program to coincide with the brand's marketing calendar, enabling it to engage retailer participation on the local level.