A child's fulfilment isn't decided by access to education or, later, to a job or to guaranteed pension. A child's fulfilment is decided before being born. Before making the first two steps in life. Before being able to decide for himself what fulfilment is.

In Romania, there is an unprecedented social and medical crisis, the country ranking first at infant mortality and having more than twice the EU average abortions rates. The birthrate has been continuously decreasing and the country's divorce rate dramatically increased since early 2000s, registering 120 divorces a day.

15 divorces per hour. One dissolved family every four minutes. Fewer mums and fewer babies.

In this landscape, Philips Avent wanted to position itself as the parenting expert within the baby-care industry. Avent, the market leader of a baby-care industry in decline on the local market (a yearly drop of 1.3% since 2014), had centred its communication territory around the importance of breastfeeding, targeting an audience getting smaller and smaller. And cherry on top, Romania is last in EU at breastfeeding in the first 6 months of a child's life.