Campaign details

Brand: P&G
Agency: Ketchum

Situation Analysis

Every two years the world puts aside all the things that divide us to celebrate the things all people share at the Olympic Games. However, the Games present a unique challenge for sponsor P&G. They are everyday household and consumer packaged goods products that don't immediately suggest athletic performance on a global stage. They don't live on the finish line, but in the long journey an athlete must take just to reach the starting line. So, P&G built its Olympic Games sponsorship around this journey, celebrating the person behind so many successful Olympians - the one whose everyday dedication, sacrifice and support help make Olympic dreams a reality. Mom.

For PyeongChang 2018, the new film at the center of P&G's iconic Thank You, Mom Olympic campaign aimed to galvanize the world around a new topic celebrating a mom's role: how moms help their children overcome bias. The campaign aspired to bring people together to have an honest dialog that helped them see beyond the things that divide us to the things we all have in common - and share P&G's vision of a world where everyone is equally free to pursue their dreams and realize their potential, no matter who they are, who they love or how they worship.