Campaign details

Agency: 20:20 MSL
Brand: Pampers

Situation Analysis

India sees the highest number of premature baby births in the world (approximately 3.5 million every year, According to Born Too Soon: The Global Action Report on Preterm Birth). While the survival rates are increasing due to improvement in access to neonatal healthcare, they need special care to overcome their challenges.

Currently in most hospitals across India, diapers meant for full term babies are cut into smaller sizes and used on the premature babies due to non-availability of specialized diapers. Larger diapers do not allow the smaller legs and hips of a preterm baby to rest and move in the correct positions and therefore puts them at increased rate of infection. In addition to this, their extremely sensitive skin are exposed to contract rash or infections if left wet even for a short while. Hence Pampers Diapers being the most popular diapering brand in India, wanted to take their purpose of ensuring the happy and healthy development for every Indian baby to even babies that need utmost care and love and adding to their strength.


  • Launch Pampers Preemies in India
  • Demonstrate Pampers commitment to the happy and healthy development of every baby, even the smallest, by elevating the emotional equity of the brand

Target/Audience Analysis