Campaign details

Brand: O2 Czech Republic and O2 Slovakia
Agency: Triad Advertising (SVK), Seesame (SVK) and FleishmanHillard (CZ)

17th November 1989, Velvet revolution. Czechoslovakia got rid of harsh communist regime and set course towards democracy.

Today, our freedom is something we take for granted. We enjoy benefits of the Velvet revolution in our everyday lives with open borders, free media and flow of information, democratic election and many more.

However, the awareness about the events of 17th November is declining, especially among millennials. According to recent surveys, more than third of young Slovaks and almost as many young Czech do not know, what happened on this day almost thirty years ago.

So O2 decided to do something about the situation...

Our freedom is (still) not granted

We showed to 6 million Czechs and Slovaks that freedom is a value that we all need to fight for every day.