Situation analysis

A 2015 Ernst & Young Report, 'Call for Action: Expanding IVF Treatment in India', stated that with rapidly evolving lifestyles, 2.7 crore couples across rural and urban India are diagnosed with infertility every year, and an estimated 10-15% of infertile couples in India are actively seeking treatment. Worse, of the total number, only 1% has sought IVF treatment.

In the given scenario, Nova IVI Fertility, one of the leading chains of fertility centres in the country, took an initiative to educate the general public and dispel the myths associated with infertility and IVF, thereby demonstrating the facts that

  1. Infertility is a condition and not a disease
  2. Infertility is curable through proper treatment

Objectives of the campaign

  1. Educate and create awareness about infertility and its causes
  2. Create awareness on IVF and dispel myths associated with the treatment
  3. Position Nova IVI Fertility as a brand concerned about couples, who are dealing with infertility issues