Situation Analysis & Objectives

The world is running out of fresh water — yet the average American family wastes nearly 200 gallons of the precious resource each week.

Toilets can stem the tide. Niagara Conservation toilets use 77 percent less water: a benefit relegated to the water closet as consumers turned to well-known brands flush with marketing dollars, like American Standard and Kohler.

Niagara enlisted Padilla to make a bigger splash in the marketplace. Our assignment was doubly difficult: Build familiarity - as a driver to purchase consideration - among both consumers and B2B audiences.

To plumb audience motivations, we began by conducting primary research. Padilla then proceeded to rebrand the company, created a go-to-market plan and launched a campaign to increase awareness, build affinity, secure B2B leads and drive sales among consumers.

Our research identified two audience segments most likely to consider Niagara for their next purchase:

  • Millennial homeowners who value water conservation and delight in new technology
  • Millennial property managers who are interested in innovative technology and work for larger companies