Brief Background on The National Social Security Fund (NSSF)

  • NSSF was formed by an Act of Parliament, CAP222 in 1985.
  • NSSF's membership comprises of over 2 million members in the private sector; mandatory members who are required by law to save with NSSF(99% fall in this category) and voluntary members who can opt to save with NSSF. (1 % of fall in this category).
  • Members of NSSF qualify for 6 Benefits; Age, Invalidity, Survivors, Withdrawal, Exempted Employment and Emigration Benefits as spelt out in the NSSF Act.
  • NSSF pays out over UGX35 nlllion in benefits to over 1200 qualifying members on a monthly basis. Since its inception NSSF has paid over UGX1.9 trillion to over 200,000 qualifying members.

Challenge, Assignment, Objectives

The challenge

  • Despite the fact that since its inception, NSSF has paid over UGX 1.9 Trillion to over 200,000 members, the public still doubted whether NSSF pays benefits to qualifying members.
  • Furthermore their was generally low awareness of NSSF's Benefits, overall benefits awareness stood at 63% , while for some benefits at 1% in 2016.
  • The communication challenge was hinged at correcting the negative perception of NSSF's Brand and increasing the awareness of NSSF's Benefits.