Situation & Challenge

The average Singaporean couldn't care less about Singapore's arts and culture. With over 38,000 events taking place every year in Singapore, it is not surprising that people gloss over the sheer number of arts events, not being aware of events that could potentially interest them. The mission of The A List, an initiative by the National Arts Council, is to champion the creation and appreciation of the arts as an integral part of our lives. To convince Singaporeans that the arts can be meaningful, we relaunched The A List, and made it a one-stop digital portal delivering highly relevant content anytime anywhere to our target audiences. The A List offers comprehensive events listing (gathered via an automated system powered by AL crawling dozens of websites) as well as feature stories, interviews and bite-sized editorials.

The general population just don't see the relevance of arts and culture to their life. A national survey showed that Singaporeans' interest in the arts had fallen to a disappointing 37% in 2017 from a 'high' of 41% in 2015 (the year of SG50). Furthermore, a sizable 17% gap exists between reported interest in the arts and attendance of arts events.