Statement of The Problem

  • The National Social Security Fund Uganda is a multi-trillion Fund mandated by Government of Uganda to provide social security services to employees in the private sector.
  • NSSF is the most profitable, trustworthy, efficient, secure, innovative and dynamic social security provider. It is the largest fund in East Africa by value and has a member base of over 2 million members.
  • Even though, year on year, NSSF has worked to improve it's customer services by expanding its physical branches and adopting Digital platforms as feedback platforms, they still faced an issue of large traffic flow at their customer service centres, which in turn means customers are not serviced as quickly and efficiently as they would like.
  • The internet, accessed mainly on Mobile is the fastest growing communication platform in Uganda. We thought that it would therefore provide us the perfect platform to address the issue of walk ins into our service centers and also, give employees the power to monitor their savings and to have a say
  • We therefore launched the NSSF Go App to address this issue. The App boasts of features such as the ability to check one's savings, updating of information, check on employer remittances and can help a member project how much money they will have on retirement.

Campaign & Communication Objectives

  • Grow number of App downloads by 10,000 in the first two months of the campaign
  • Grow usage of the app for common customer care queries hence reducing traffic at our physical branches and other platforms. In other words, make our members reliably self sufficient
  • Raise awareness about the app and it's features to encourage members and to take appropriate action depending on their specific need.

Details of Execution

  • Ordinarily, we would launch a product with a standard press conference and traditional media.
  • Due to the nature of the product, we decided to launch it on the relevant platform – Digital, backed by research that it is the fastest growing medium in Uganda after TV and that over 70% of the population have mobile phones. Further, the Pan African Research Firm also showed that most people were interacting most with Digital platforms than any other media. It was clear to us that using Digital platforms for the launch of this product would be the best medium to achieve desired results.
  • We invited 30 of the most influential people on Twitter and Facebook and took them through the app at a cozy breakfast and had them tweeting up a frenzy.
  • Internally, we sent out Digital emailers to our staff to participate in the launch.
  • In order to expand our reach we also bought digital ads on some of the most popular websites in Uganda to host our digital banner.
  • We also, lobbies some of the top tech sites to run app reviews for NSSF Go App on their websites, to give it an authentic voice.
  • We also ran app reviews and videos from top influencers on our own owned digital platforms.