Oh no!

What do you think happens when a country goes from less than 10 percent mobile phone penetration to more than 100 percent in a matter of a couple short years? For most of us, we've had decades to get accustomed to technology.

However, for most Myanmar people, this connected and sophisticated new world we live in is still very foreign and millions are at risk to become victims of cyber- and related crimes. Because of this, technologically savvy criminals took note and began coming after this "soft target" en masse through international gateway scams.

The way it works is by renting an international outbound gateway and using bot phones to make thousands and thousands of missed calls to international numbers. When the user calls back, for example, their phone bill is deducted and a percent goes to the international gateway, the foreign operator and the Myanmar operator. The rented gateway receives approximately 80% of the small charge, but if just 1 million of Myanmar's 45-50 million subscribers call back, it can add up to a huge sum for that day.