The Assignment (including Goals)

In 2014, Michelin identified a life-threatening problem. Improperly maintained tires were contributing to the number one cause of teen deaths in the U.S.: car accidents. A combination of primary and secondary research showed that neither parents nor driver's ed materials were set up to educate teens about this important topic. In response, Michelin launched its Beyond the Driving Test initiative, setting a goal of gaining commitments from all 50 U.S. states to include consistent information about tire safety in new driver training materials.

By summer of 2017, Michelin had secured commitments from all 50 states two and a half years ahead of its goal and implemented a program to train hundreds of driver's ed instructors in the process. With drivers ed instructors and programs set up for tire safety training success, Michelin was ready to move to stage two. We needed to supplement growing recognition of the issue with a meaningful call to action, moving teens from awareness to action and adoption of new behaviors.