Campaign details

Brand: McDonald's Polska
Agency: MJCC

Objectives & Time Frame


  • Building an image of McDonald's as a Good Employer.
  • Ensuring inflow of candidates and eliminating employment shortages in the restaurants (goal for immediate implementation).

Time Frame:

  • February-March 2017 - work on EB strategy (research, EVP diagnosis, developing a strategy).
  • July-August 2017 - developing communication tools.
  • September 2017 - November 2018 - communication campaign.


  • Unemployment rate in Poland on the lowest level in recent history (-6%).
  • Bad image and plenty of misconceptions about work at Food Service sector (no employment contracts, work for a moment, work for loser, no development opportunities).
  • High staff turnover in the sector.
  • Increased Employer Branding activity of companies that seek for candidates with similar to McDonald's profile (food service companies attempt to build their image and attract candidates, retail sector has become very active recently, there are also many messages aimed at junior positions in other sectors).
  • Complex structure of McDonald's (franchise company = many organisations in one).
  • Enormous demand for employees (staff turnover, new openings; 8% employee deficiency).
  • Rising candidates expectations.