Campaign details

Brand: McDonald's UK
Agency: Teneo, Red Consultancy, Stonehaven


McDonald's wanted to behave in a way that meets the expectations of our customers and people; making moves that matter to them and behaving in a responsible way. Within this, the role of communications is two-fold: to be the conscience of the business and champion of the brand. We bring progressive business moves to life in a way that reaches multiple audiences; campaigning with passion from our positions of strength; maintaining a drumbeat of positive storytelling; and working hard to mitigate potential risks - with a confident media approach alongside ongoing stakeholder engagement.

Throughout 2018, corporate communications activity sought to maintain and deepen trust among audiences, reminding and retaining support from brand-supporters and converting sceptics. With a focus on the three key ingredients that drive our success - great food, great restaurants and great people - we delivered a reputation strategy that evidenced McDonald's as a business changing for the better. From an early move to phase out plastic straws - the most successful communications announcement for McDonald's globally in 2018 - to an ambitious campaign that put our positive employer practices in the spotlight, reigniting the debate on flexible working.