Campaign details

Brand: Magic Makers
Agency: Jazz Communication and Rogalski Damaschin PR

Romania might not be at war, at least not at a bombing and shooting war, but it's been at an infant and child mortality war for years. Over 80% of children diagnosed with cancer don't have the access to treatment. They come from families with limited financial resources, who cannot afford the costs of transportation and accommodation. This is the main cause for children being diagnosed late, treatments or examinations being postponed or interrupted, dramatically reducing the chances of surviving. Therefore, in Romania, only 50% of those children survive the disease, compared to 80% in Western Europe.

Magic Makers is an NGO whose mission is to solve part of this problem by building houses near the biggest oncological centers in Romania, where parents to shelter. We built a campaign that not only raised the funds for this building but went beyond its initial objective and created magic in a society lacking cohesion, dominated by tension and contradicting realities.