Campaign details

Brand: LUX (Unilever)
Agency: Edelman South Africa

In 2017, South African women's beauty brand, LUX, built a campaign around the hypothesis that for far too long, women have been celebrated for their beauty alone. Often ignored are the many details and hidden facets of a woman that make her truly radiant, powerful and unapologetically feminine. Enter the #WeAreMore campaign: an emotive celebration of womanity that not only started a movement to inspire and empower women to express and celebrate everything that makes them who they are, but also shifted LUX from being a brand women use, to being a women's brand.

According to JWT's Women's Index Study 2015, 86% of women think femininity is a strength not weakness, while 76% of women around the world feel it's never been a better time to be a woman. Only 4% of women feel that being attractive is the most important thing in life. Out of this key insight, the LUX #WeAreMore campaign was born.