Situation Analysis & Objective

"Say Cheese...", "Happy New Year!" At first glance, this just looks like a traditional family gathering for New Year, like you'd see anywhere in Taiwan. But for this special group of people, being able to sit down face to face and enjoy the year-end dinner together like a family is never easy. Among these smiling faces are the victims and victims' relatives of the devastating 2014 Kaohsiung explosions. Most unexpectedly, the chairman and employees of LCY, which is accused of being responsible for the explosion, are also at this gathering.

It was a balmy summer night on 31st July 2014, and citizens were on their way home from a long day's work. All of a sudden, a massive explosion tore through the streets along 6 km, ripping through the pavement and sending cars and motorcycles flying. 32 people were killed and over 300 injured. Before investigation was conducted, LCY, which owned one of the affected underground pipelines, shouldered the majority of the blame from the victims and their families.