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Brand: Koinex
Agency: Value 360 Communication


With the advent of bitcoin in India in 2015, digital crypto-currency ushered in a whole new wave of investments. But whenever something new comes in the scene, there are more skeptics than believers. Crypto currency industry had to face this inevitable bashing. A lot of multi-currency exchanges stepped in the vertical to create a whole new startup vertical. However, with no legal tender to the currency in India, a lot of criticism surrounded the grey area.

Still there was no stopping for the industry. Transactions were on upswing. A kind of growth no other industry had witnessed so far in history. According to media reports, 10% of bitcoin transactions of the world were already being processed in India alone. As of September 2017, there were around 15 million blockchain wallet users worldwide, with 2,00,000 new accounts added each month. An estimated 1.5 million of these users were based in India.