Background: The Importance of Measuring and Nurturing Stakeholder Relationships

Institute of Waste Management of Southern Africa (IWMSA)

The IWMSA is a membership based organisation that is committed to protecting the environment and people of southern Africa by:

  • Contributing to improving waste management standards and legislation
  • Fostering communication between all stakeholders in the waste industry
  • Promoting best practices and trends for waste management, both locally and internationally

Why are good stakeholder relationships important?

The waste management industry is a fast changing landscape, with leaps in technology advancements and frequently amended legislation.

A good reputation helps the IWMSA to:

  • Remain profitable by attracting and retaining members.
  • Solidify its position as central body to get up-to-date waste information and training.
  • Enhance itself as a credible liaison between different waste industry stakeholders.

The Reputation Matters Approach: Why Research?

  • To determine perception
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses of how key stakeholders see you
  • To determine key messages
  • What stakeholders want to hear about and which channels to use
  • To build relationships
  • Through effective communication
  • To achieve your purpose and build your bottom line!