About Illovo Sugar Africa:

Illovo Sugar Africa is an invested, long-term contributor to the African economy and committed partner to the continuing transformation of Africa's agri-processing sector.

The Group is Africa's biggest sugar producer, producing raw and refined sugar for local and international markets. Illovo Sugar Africa has extensive agricultural and manufacturing operations in six African countries, namely (South Africa, Mozambique, Tanzania, Zambia, Malawi and Eswatini).

Illovo Sugar Africa operates in a historically emotive industry which is currently in the midst of a highly charged debate around sugar and health. Recognising the need for greater engagement and knowledge sharing on the issue, management at Illovo Sugar Africa undertook a Stakeholder Perception audit, to gain a better understanding of its reputation and standing amongst key stakeholders groups.

This submission details that project - its Success, Challenges and Key Learnings.

The Brief