Campaign details

Brand: IKEA
Agency: Hope&Glory

In Brief

In a bid to increase sales of bedding and deliver the IKEA brand promise of a "wonderful everyday" (or "wonderful everynight" in this case), we didn't set out to deliver a better night's sleep, we set out to save the nation's relationships.

The TOG-ether campaign delivered over 70 pieces of UK coverage (and over 40 worldwide). We reached 32.4 million UK adults 3.6 times over the course of the campaign. We reached 67% of the core family audience and 73% of the millennial audience we set out to target with the activation.

Searches for IKEA bedding rose by 90% as a result. Searches for IKEA duvets, meantime, rose by a staggering 280%. Sales of duvets rose 1.8% (which if you're IKEA is a lot of duvets).


First and foremost, we needed to drive interest from consumers in IKEA's range of bedding and increase the numbers of people going into the sales funnel.