Campaign details

Advertiser: GODIVA
Agency: M Booth

Our Situation

In 2014, Valentine's Day – typically the "Super Bowl" of sales for the chocolate industry – was not a winning period for GODIVA. A powerful winter storm crippled the Northeast, preventing consumers from visiting stores. The situation was compounded further when the brand's competitors – Ghirardelli and Lindt – outspent GODIVA at least six to one in media.

With the goal of winning big on Valentine's Day, we counseled GODIVA that targeting women with romantic creative was the wrong approach. Through primary research, we proved that the male consumer base should be the focus, since males outspend women 64% on Valentine's Day.

As with any good game plan, timing is everything. Research showed that we needed to approach men after the Super Bowl; otherwise, our communication would fall on deaf (and distracted) ears. We needed a disruptive and breakthrough campaign that spoke authentically and directly to men.

Our Solution