Campaign details

Brand: Unibail-Rodamco (Glòries Shopping Mall)


Since its first inauguration in 1995, Glòries had become old-Fashioned and the city turned its back on it. After almost 2 years of work and restyling we needed to show that a new era is ready to begin.


In order to present the new Glòries to Barcelona and the world, we needed to work on an event that would amaze everyone and really change the perspective of how the city saw Glòries.


We wanted to shift the perception from:

  • Introverted
  • Cold
  • Constrained
  • Old fashioned


  • Open air
  • Integrated with the city and open to the neighborhoods
  • Artistic and innovative
  • Groundbreaking

What did we do?

Create excitement in Barcelona about the new centre 
  • Communication campaign
  • street marketing
  • teaser capsules
Create an unforgettable event 
  • Relatable to Barcelona
  • Use local talent
  • Design an original show
  • Bring international DJ superstars


Creation of a magic moment/mood

We designed an original artistic performance called "Illusion", a unique experience created by Franc Aleu, a multidisciplinary artist who has revolutionized scenarios of several cities around the world.
Original music, an interactive aerial dance along the buildings of the shopping mall, and an energetic percussion light show... 20 minutes of a show full of emotion that engaged and wowed the public.