While FOREO has established itself in the beauty tech space on the way to becoming a $2 billion global brand in partnership with leading beauty retailers such as Sephora, the brand was looking to become the preeminent category-leader with the launch of the UFO (Ur Future Obsession), the highly-anticipated (and world's first) smart mask treatment, revolutionizing the fastest-growing trend in 2017, the sheet mask. The brand issued a challenge to the agency to collaborate on a concept that would launch the product at one of the largest trade shows on the planet and generate a flood of media attention. Breaking through the noise at a show like CES is a major challenge to any agency, and it was key to not only have a concept that would stand out, but to also have a high media sentiment leading up to the show through great holiday coverage to keep the media engaged in what the brand was going to launch next.

To achieve success, FOREO needed an integrated communications plan that would be implemented 6 months prior to product launch, incorporating marquee coverage in tech, consumer electronic, men's interest, women's interest, and travel outlets, while maintaining the brand's influential standing in the beauty and lifestyle market.