Campaign details

Brand: OPPO
Agency: BCW (Burson-Marsteller)

Situational analysis

OPPO, a leading global smartphone brand, provides smartphone products infused with art and innovative technology for users in 31 countries around the world. According to 2017 IDC smartphone market share data, OPPO ranked fourth in the world and first in Asia. Today, more than 200 million young people worldwide use OPPO smartphones.

With the onset of the 5G era, the global smartphone market has shown an overall slowdown in growth, weakening consumer intention for phone replacement and serious smartphone homogenization after years of rapid development. Due to a lack of flagship products with breakthrough innovations and a reliance on single "hit" products and product ambassador marketing, OPPO's brand power had begun to decline. In March 2018, the OPPO Brand Equity Index (BEI) showed that OPPO fell slightly over the same period last year, the first decline since 2015. OPPO had started to encounter escalating negative word-of-mouth as "high-price, low-specs" and lack of "star products" prevented the brand from further overseas expansion and brand exposure.