2nd Kenya Trade Week And Exposition

The State Department for Trade, Ministry of Industry, Trade and Cooperatives in collaboration with Export Promotion Council organised the 2nd Kenya Trade Week and Exposition from Monday 30th July to Friday 3rd August 2018 at the Kenyatta International Convention Centre (KICC).

The theme of Trade Week and Exposition was "Powering Kenya's Big 4 Agenda through Trade".

The highlights of the week's activities were:

  • Official Opening of the 2nd Kenya Trade Week and Exposition and Launch National Export Development and Promotion Strategy (NEDPS) on 31st July 2018 by H.E Deputy President Ruto
  • Launch of National Export Initiative in Support of the Big 4 Agenda
  • Launch of the AGO A Strategy
  • Launch of the Brand Kenya Mark of Identity (Made in Kenya Initiative)
  • Gala Dinner to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the EPC
  • Launch of the Kenya Exporter of the Year Awards (KEYA)
  • Exhibition of over 70 Government agencies and local manufacturers and producers

Event Management

  • Engage coordinated all the third party suppliers involved in the conference and arranged for meetings with all on site to brief them
  • Engage also addressed all protocol areas in dealing with the Office of the President, State House, Office of the Deputy President and Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Engage coordinated the exhibitors area, ensuring all stands were set up and branded in time and escorted the Deputy President and Minister around the stalls
  • Ensured all breakaway areas were set up
  • Ensured catering was set up in time for all five days
  • Coordinated the smooth transition from the various rooms for the conference and plenary
  • Ensured all branding of venue was done
  • Managed all the launch events and oversaw the launch concept and moment of the integrated National Export Development and Promotion Strategy

Media Relations

  • Engage presented the media implementation plan
  • Engage also conducted the media training for the EPC spokesperson
  • Engage wrote up all the press release materials, press conference press releases and daily updates on the trade week
  • Engage also coordinated meetings between the CEO of EPC and the various media owners and Editorial teams
  • Coordinated two press conferences
  • Engage arranged and coordinated for one on one interviews before and during the trade week with different stakeholders from the Ministry of Trade, EPC, AC A, Brand Kenya amongst others
  • Engage arranged for accreditation of all media houses and engaged with them continuously to follow up for media coverage
  • Preparing daily reports of coverage received

Social Media

  • Engage presented the Social media strategy and implementation plan with timelines
  • Engage also presented a social media content calendar
  • Engage filmed, scripted and produced case studies and testimonials for use on social media
  • Engage also did community management of the EPC handle
  • Provided counsel on online comments
  • Post trade week posting on EPC twitter handles
  • Engage was live tweeting during the whole conference