The Paris Accords are the route of the clean energy future of Mexico with the commitment that by 2024, 35% of electric power will be generated through renewable sources. As one of the largest operators in the world of wind, solar, hydroelectric and biomass projects, Enel can support the Mexican government in this challenge by converting the country to a leading market for clean energy.

Thanks to its geographical location, Mexico is well-positioned to take advantage of clean energy such as solar and wind power. Within this favorable environment for solar energy, Enel built the Villanueva photovoltaic park, considered the most important in Latin America and ranked second globally.

After the Energy Reform implemented by the Mexican government in 2013, long-term electricity auctions served as a mechanism for the greater generation of clean energy.

Despite the decision of the current government to cancel these mechanisms - Enel having previously won five projects - the main challenge of the company focuses on closing bilateral agreements as a Qualified Supplier with large energy consumers, through PPAs (Power Purchase Agreements), a global trend that encourages healthy competition in the electricity market.