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Brand: Duracell
Agency: PBN Hill Knowlton Strategies Russia


In a country where environmental awareness is not a priority for many, Russia has an extremely low battery recycling rate of just 1.5%. This compares with the EU average of 45%! So, in 2017, Duracell, one of the leading battery manufacturers in the world, decided to take the lead in setting up some recycling infrastructure across Russia.

Since 2015, Russian legislation has dictated that it is up to companies to recycle the goods that they import or manufacture in Russia. The law also states that companies that fail to meet recycling targets would face fines. However, given that specialized recycling facilities are scarce in Russia, most manufacturers have found that it is easier to simply pay the fines than it is to tackle the underdeveloped recycling system.

Duracell decided to go one better: to champion sustainable business practices. When they realized that there was no system in place for disposing of or recycling used batteries, Duracell took it upon itself to establish one.